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Poetry cm-6.30.11

Cm-6.30.11 Gen 22. 1B-19 Ps. 115. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9 Mt. 9. 1-8

Cosmic connection: bright blue skies brilliant day, many new buds on the rose bushes due to rain

Abraham believes he is to sacrifice his son,

We hear of all his preparations for his walk

All to Abraham is quite a shock,

But his faith was rewarded by sand and stars when the messenger had come

How do we express the presence of the Lord in the land of the living?

By acing justly, walking humble and tenderly love?

Each of us has his/her way of showing the Spirit from above,

Let us concentrate on exuding this presence and forgiving.

The Gospel tells of the curing of a paralytic with faith full friends,

Why does Jesus heal?

Because of their faith palpably revealed,

The crowds were struck with awe as He healed and forgave sin, as he intends.

The message of reconciliation to us he has entrusted,

Rise and go home nonplussed.




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Poetry cm-6.29.11

Cm-6.29.11 Acts 12.1-11 Ps. 4. 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9 2nd Tim 4. 5-7m 17-18 Mt. 16. 13-19

Cosmic connection: Beautiful blue skies washed clean by yesterday’s storm.

I, Peter, have been rescued from Herod and his plots,

The gates were open before me,

I saw as if in a vision, I see,

Only then was I able to connect the dots

I, Paul, am being poured out like a libation,

I am enjoying the race,

The Lord has stood by me in every case,

My strength, grace daily spirit’s potation.

Who do you say that I am?

Peter said, “You are the Christ,”

By His life we are enticed,

With Peter let us proclaim our hearts cardiogram.

Peter becomes rock,-

The foundation of our faith in stock.


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Poetry cm-6.28.11

Cm-6.28.11 Gen. 19. 15-29 Ps. 26. 2-3, 9-10, 11-12 Mt. 8. 23-27

Cosmic connection: gray skies waiting to burn off to beauty, birds a few

Lot, had much to fear and very little trust and belief,

He had to flee the wrath of God

Lot felt he was alone with no support a tight wad,

But always there is the one above who comforts and brings relief.

When we walk in a fog we are embraced by mercy,

When it burns off we walk in light,

Ever keeping the good in our sight,

Ever willing to be surprised with heartfelt gramercy.

Jesus asleep in the boat which was in a storm that spoke

Wow, he woke up boldly and rebuked disciples and storm!

Out of his way world he’s in command beyond the norm,

Obey, the winds and storms do, I bet they examined their conscience as they too awoke

Open then, O Christian your hearts,

Listen with softened songs what the Spirit imparts.

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Poetry cm-6.27.11

Cm-6.27.11 Gen 18. 16-33 Ps. 103. 1B-2, 3-4, 8-9, 10-11 Mt. 5. 18-22

Cosmic connection: foggy heavy skies promising to burn of to clear blue.

Bargaining, cajoling, daring to risk and risk again–

What is Abraham doing?

Funning with God and not stewing,

Of Scripture making a refrain.

Bless the Lord my soul,

Bless his holy name,

Remember all his help support through every pain

Pardoning, healing, whatever is beyond our control.

That one command to follow me.

Was Matthew’s call now is the imperative for all,

The scribe is generous but Jesus wants simply more, everything over the long haul,

That is the key.

Listen O listen for the voice,

Then follow and make the right choice.






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Poetry cm-6.27.11

Cm-6.27.11 Dt. 8. 2-3, 14B-16A Ps. 147, 12-13, 14-15, 19-20 1st Cor. 10. 16-17 Jn. 6. 51-58

Cosmic connection: stillness, cool clear summer morn, very few birds=LBJs little brown jobs.

Do not forget the challenges and afflictions of your days in the desert

Your place of deprivation

But who is it who allowed you to get through it sparking some animation?

Guidance helping you to convert.

Time it takes to realize and honor the answer of the question,

This God has strengthened you and blesses your work, since your baptismal bath

Let us wallow in glorifying this God, for God want us to consume himself,-walk His path

Jesus makes the suggestion.

Jesus is the living bread,

We are the Body of Christ today,

Delighting in the Lord’s food, flesh and drink in more than a symbolic way,

The Good News of salvation and eternal life widespread.

Jesus is the living bread come down from heaven,

The Holy Spirit is that bread’s daily leaven.



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Poetry cm-6.25.11

Cm-6.25. 11 Gen. 18. 1-15 Lk. 1. 46-50, 53-55 Mt. 8. 8. 5-17

Cosmic connection: cool summer morn, quiet lazy, colors bright roses, no little birds’ stillness

Sarah laughs at the possibility of having a child in her old age,

She feeds the visitors with hospitality,

For some this would be an unreality,

But Sarah is wise she trusts in God who is even more of a sage.

The Magnificat of Mary becomes our response this day a song of praise for all generations,

Mary is the one who spoke up and gave her fiat to what God asked of her, why not you and I?

God comes to the aid of all his servants: – His body of Christ in our day by upon the Lord keeping our eye

God Himself has done great things for everyone making us more sensitive to the Spirit’s vibrations.

The faithful centurion wants Jesus to heal his sick servant

Jesus saw so much faith in the centurion,

Jesus honored his request seeing in him nothing epicurean,

Let it be done as you, as you have believed so fervently.

Christ took away our infirmities

Giving us more grace than we can handle disturbingly.


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Poetry cm-6.24.11

Cm-6.24.11 Isaiah 49/1-6 Ps. 139. 1B-3, 13-14AB, 14C-15 Acts. 13. 22-26 Lk. 1. 57-66, 80

Cosmic connection: cool morning skies after a hot night, half moon, eucalyptus a-chatter

Way back into our rearview mirror,

How John got his name at circumcision,

As if there was some indecision,

What then shall this child be? Humble yet nearer.

Still looking back to your own womb time,

How wonderfully you were fashioned

John the herald in the dessert by repentance impassioned,

Sandals not worthy to unfasten or find a rhyme.

Zechariah the faithful priest in the focus,

His limitation unbound by proclaiming his son’s name,

Hearts united in the Kindom to inflame.

Surely the hand of the lord is his locus.

You child, John will be called a prophet of the most high,

Your call no one can deny.


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