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Cm-3.14.13  Is. 49, 8-15  Ps. 145. 8-9, 13CD-124, 17-18  Jn. 5, 17-30

Cosmic connection: blue sky early dawn, bird song

Question of the day: When was there a time when I was feeling hopeless and God led me out of the darkness?

Isaiah speaks of God’s care for us,

Pasturing, covenanting, comforting,

Humans emphasizing their discomfort

/The goodness of God distorting.

The Psalm describes God goodness,

Gracious and merciful of great kindness

Pointing out our own blindness,

Jesus will be our judge in justice shouldness.

The passage from John is packed,

The relationship of the Father and the Son is explained

The compatibility of their reign,

Jesus fulfilling everything due to being sent with nothing lacking.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life,

Even though a mother might forget us our God never will love exampled and rife.


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Cm-3.12.13. Ezekiel 47. 1-912  Ps. 46.2-3, 5-6, 8-9  Jn. 5. 1-16

Cosmic connection dark very early morn, a few stars, quiet

Question of the day:  What healing would I ask for today?

I don’t remember having a fear of water

When not quite teenage I taught bubble blowing to little ones,

Whose chins came up to36 inches what fun?

Ezekiel’s water was from the sanctuary life giving spirit from the altar.

The psalmist proclaims God as our refuge and our stronghold,

Certainly with Lenten thoughts going to what our Lord did for us,

We want to hold onto Him our Beloved, in whom we trust,

God helps us from the dawn until sunset every day He is faithful and will not withhold

Do the sick  have someone to help them get to the pool?

He is told simply, ’Rise, pick up your mat and walk’

What a gift of faith! The man did as he was told and became an active member of the flock,

Jesus did not mind that he had healed on the Sabbath being God’s jewel.

Create clean hearts in every one Lord of salvation,

Let us be praisers with gratitude to be a part of creation.

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Cm-3.10.13  1st Sam.16. 1B,6-7,10-13A  Ps. 23. 1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6  Eph. 5. 8-14  Jn. 1-41

Cosmic connection: sky blue brilliant day, trying to overcome daylight savings bird song

Question of the day: From what blindness have I been healed?

Such a gorgeous day to sing with the birds their song of praise,

A king is chosen from a large family, a shepherd boy.

From that day on the spirit rushed upon him the Lord’s ploy.

Near verdant pastures he was lead with his soul refreshed.

Only light not darkness is where we wish to be expressed

Everything that is visible is in the light the light of Christ.

What an affliction! To be born blind,

What darkness! Parents blamed for their sins, although kind,

But it is so that the power, compassion of God might be shown an

Joy comes because He made mud cakes and then told me to wash, well timed.

‘Jesus is the light of the world’

Following Him makes us become in the light of the Spirit swirled

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Cm-3.7.13  Jer. 7. 23-28  P[s. 95. 1-2, 6-7, 8-9  Lk. 11. 14-23

Cosmic connection: cool clear blue sky day quiet, still

Question of the day: Into what situation is Jesus asking me to bring unity and peace?

Listen, my people listen

What is involved in such listening?

As when we witness a christening,

All dressed up our shoes a-glistening

It must have something to do with our hearts,

Opening wide as if a vibrant rose,

Never hard but always accepting, I suppose,

Seeking energy for action grace to impart.

Jesus is dealing with demons this day,

He is criticized, the people are amazed,

They think His power is from Beelzebub a devil when His power should be praised.

How does the Lord want us to continue to keep the Word central to our lives in every way.

Let us do everything whole-heartedly

Returning to the Lord with enthusiasm a head start.

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CM-3.5.13  Dan. 3. 25, 34-43  Ps. 25. 4-5AB, 6, 7BC, 8-9  Mt. 18. 21-35

Cosmic connection:  blue skies but punctuated with clouds, a bird

Question of the day: For whom do I put limits on my forgiveness and why?

For the sake of all those who have gone before,

Do not make your covenant void, O Lord,

Your promise is to make us fertile as we live in one accord,

Loyal to your decrees and statutes, contrite and humble let us be restored.

Teach us, O Lord your paths

Help us to follow you whole-heartedly,

Remember your wonders from of old, kindness and compassion from the start

For all of us have been to the baptismal baths

Forgiveness is unlimited,

As we forgive we are forgiven,

There is no number only seventy times seven perfect,

Pity our neighbor, infinite forgiveness attributed.

‘Return to me with your whole heart,

With contrition and humility and do our part.




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Cm-3.3.13  Ex.13. 1-8A, 13-15  Ps. 103. 1-2, 3-5, 6-7, 8, 111st Cor.10. 1-6, 10-12  Lk. 13. 1-9

Cosmic connection: gray skies, a bird a-twitter, still

Question of the day: What work of pruning is God doing to me so that I may bear more fruit?

Nature is all over the place,

A burning unconsumed bush, god’s name: “I AM who AM”

Suggestions on how to nurture the soil, needing kneading as a push,

A fig tree unfruitful hoping not to get chopped down, or replaced.

‘The Lord is kind and merciful,

Full of care and compassion,

Taking care of the afflicted giving them rest in his passion,

Allowing us to praise and thank him in maters liturgical.

Jesus gives several examples of catastrophes,

Are those who succumbed worse than we? Not if we repent,

Advice given us heaven-sent.

Let us soften our hearts or send them for cartography.

‘Repent the kingdom is at hand,’

Let us come to sorrow for sin  and regret as our situation demands.

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Cm-3.1.13  Gen. 37. 3-4, 12-13A, 17B-28A  Ps. 105. 16-17, 18-19, 20-21  Mt. 21 33-43, 45-46

Cosmic connection:  sky blue skies moon lit early morn birds awake

Question of the day: Whom might I tend to neglect at home or at work?


Joseph so meanly treated by his brothers,

Sold as a slave for twenty pieces of silver

But for God all things are possible, for God is our builder.

There is no other as awesome though we look to one another.


God is the One getting things done.

Joseph becomes an extraordinary leader

All the possessions became his and he their feeder,

There was none his equal, – none.


Jesus speaks in a parable against the Pharisees

They did not take in the harvest for the master,

The produce after all the work became a disaster

To belong to the Kingdom is to have a certain pedigree

‘God so loved the world that he sent his son’,

Believing that we would love and support him one by one.


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