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CM-11.29.11  Is 11. 1-10  Ps. 72. 1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17  :Lk. 10.21-24

Cosmic connection: Again dense fog, gray no skies muffled sounds

Question of the day:  What does it mean for you to be childlike?

Isaiah’s proclamation of  husbandry and growth,
Stump, to shoot, to blossom growing,
The fog outside where others are snowing,
Then the animals shall play peacefully animals and plants both.

Justice and peace are to flourish,
Empathy and care of the afflicted,
Find someone worse off than you; give them a bit of freedom unrestricted,
Then look for the hungry do something to nourish.

Luke give us a passage where Jesus gives the Father praise,
That revelation has come more to the simple than to the learned and wise,
There are many ways to receive the Word even without your eyes,
Then simple and childlike we can get instruction all of our days.

O God of obliterating fog,-
Open our hearts to the mysteries to come, clarity to unclog.


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Cm-11.28.11 Is. 2.1-5 Ps. 122, 102, 3-4B, 4CD-5 6-7, 8-9 Mt. 8. 5-11

Cosmic connection: So much fog it is hard to see the nose on your face

Question of the day: How strong is your faith and trust in God and others?

Climb the mountain, without seeing your way or the trail,
Judah and Jerusalem, instruction and path finding,
Learning how to turn weapons into peaceful tools divining,
Listening to the eternal Word in our lives spinning a tale.

Let us go up rejoicing to God’s house,
Let peace be with all those we love,
Bring our fears into the Light with a little shove,
For this is the season of wakefulness and not drowse.

The Gospel is that of our new liturgical change,
Are we really worthy to have the Lord come under our roof?
By God’s good grace ultimately, his presence is there even if we are aloof,
Without God where would we be how strange

Watch and wait be ready to receive,
Open hearts to all coming to God’s mountain to perceive.

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Cm-11.27.11  Is. 63. 16B-17, 19;64.2-7  Ps. 80. 2-3. 15-16, 18-19  1st Cor.1, 3-9  Mk13. 33-37

Cosmic connection: gray foggy skies, one bird tweets

Question of the day:  Do you tak your eyes for granted?

Advent! A new Church year
A time of seasonal change,  time of good cheer,
But Isaiah tells us to get us away from sin and get it in gear.
Polluted rags our work,  our guilt carries us away like wind every year,
But the Master Potter knows us and will mend every tear.

Let us turn to God and let the vinedresser turn to us with good care,
For this is His vineyard given to us  rouse your power O Lord  Come to save,
when you Lord protect us no need to scare us with a shock wave,We  then grow to be brave,
For we would rather not look for the signs and portends already, one foot in the door heirs.

Our senses our emphasized,
Watchful, listening being alert,
We find in the bustle a little energy to exert,
We never know the time or the hour, we realize.

Be alert! Revive,
Keep your actions alive!

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Cm-11.24.11  Luke gospel of the Ten Lepers

Cosmic connection gray overcast day damp due to rain.

Question og the day:  Do you allow yourself to be a foreigner this day?

Many many time in life we may experience exclusion,-
I admit I am very sensitive to being left out,
If only there were some who would reach out before in frustration I shout out,
After it all, the meqal we eat we may need a transfusion.

The lepers ask for pity, basically empathetic compassion,
On their way they were cured, Jesus told them to show themselves to the priest,
All of us then should share the wondrous deeds the Lord has done just bringing us to this feast
Then shall our exclusion cease and compassion will become the fasdhion.

Then we might all enjoy being foreignerss the once who return to give thanks
Praising eternally our God for giving us companions to fill our ranks.

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Cm-11-21.11  Dan 1. 1-6, 8-20  Dan. 3. 52, 553, 54, 55,56  Lk. 21, 1-4

Cosmic connection: bright brilliant California skies, very still

Question of the day: What are your two coins?

The poor widow give it from her poverty, how apt,
Others give from their surplus,
Presentation of Mary in the temple  God’s two coins, to us to entrust,
To you great Lord we are to surrender the life you have mapped.

Glory and praise forever,
Mary your temple in which one perceives the aura,
The two mites compared to a plethora
To your Torah, O Lord we turn all over to you yo be used as the Lord’s endeavor

Livelihood, our job, our employment, that of prayer, what is your fare?
What is it that allows the Lord to be seen, a correction pen?
NO, your goodness to others, outcasts and afflicted generosity. centering prayer a yen for zen.
It is our glorious Lord through which your heart has been ensnared.

In your glorious temple, O Lord,
We envision your aura adored.

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Just me

This blog is changing a bit.. . My eyes are not good I do not see clearly,
I have listened to the Word for today on LivingwithChrist.us where one can see the Scripture and hear it.  I listened twice and will focus my poetry on the Gospel.
Hopefully I will receive good news about my eyes December 7th and fix the problem with amazingly merely new lenses.

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Cm-11.13.11  Prov. 31.1–13,19-20  40-31  Ps. 128. 1-2, 3, 4-5  1stThes 5.1-8  Mt.25. 14-30

Cosmic connection: gorgeous skies few cloudsStore to grow to a sunny day.

Question of the day:  Have you ever buried your talents or are they still hiding?

A worthy wife, Ah, what  is that to a fellow woman to rouse?
She does all these things to please her husband,
All women should fear the Lord and let her works find praise at the
city gates even for a nun.
For every nun loves the beloved her spouse.

Be fruitful, and fear the Lord,
It has been said that real love casts out fear,
But the fear here is not fear but only the desire to please
In all that we try to be sober and alert for we know not the hour of her husband adored.

Now the parable in my own Gospel writers words,
The Master on a journey entrusts graces and talents to us
To those who have more more will be given, those with less theirs wil be taken Matthew’s must.
Take to heart theses words, O Christian strive, be alert and sober sing as the birds.

Our Lord is demanding,
Cajoling insisting we try to improve in what He is  commanding.

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