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Cm-9/26/12   Proverbs 30. 5-9   Ps. 119. 72, 89, 101, 104, 163   Lk. 9. 1-6

Cosmic connection: dark chilly predawn skies, quiet motors

Question of the day:  How might my desire for “more than enough “draw me from the imitation of Christ?


Once again we are in the book of Proverbs: short pity statements,

Usually giving advice

True for many of us, and will suffice,

Leaving us anything but complacent.


Again we have Psalm 119 our embracing and loving of the law,

‘Your word is a lamp for my feet,

Every fulfilling act of doing the law bonds us in love to our God, ever complete,

Desiring honesty and only what is necessary in radical poverty, living in discernment graced with awe.


Jesus wants us to gather and increase our faith and evangelize our world,

He gives us what we need, asks us to do good deeds,

Sends us with gifts we have received,

Take nothing for the journey, accept blessings, shake the dust if necessary, and heal as we can those in our world.


The Kingdom of God is at hand,’

Repent and believe in the Gospel,’ the command





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