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Poetry cm-7.30.11

Cm-7.30.11 Lev. 25. 1, 8-17 Ps. 67. 2-3, 5, 7-8 Mt. 14. 1-12

Cosmic connection: gray overcast skies, quiet a bird caw in the distance.

A jubilee year, every fifty, to gather the people and make amends,

Do not treat anyone unfairly,

When buying and selling from one another do it fairly,

To atone for misdeeds puts us back on the right keel as the Lord intends.

May God be merciful and compassionate, filled with pity,

For we are always in need of such care,

May God bless us from all the benefits given to us guilt and fear aware,

May God’s ways be known upon earth in every town and city.

The beheading of John the Baptist, how gory!

Yet even today we have such tyrants,

Repulsive is the use of a platter on one, who was so vibrant,

Repent, be baptized and believe in the Good News to us his story

Blessed are they who are persecuted, for the sake of righteousness, the Leaven

For theirs is the Kin-dom of Heaven


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Poetry cm-7.29.11

Cm-7.29.11 Lev. 23.1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34B-1 Ps. 81. 3-4, 5-6B Jn. 11. 19-27 Or ::Lk. 10.38-42

Cosmic connection: Very thick overcast cool, quiet summer morn, no skies.

Leviticus gives us details of the law,

So many days, so many ways to celebrate festivals, happy rimes,

Little about what makes this jovial time sublime,

Our task seems to be not to have any other God but the God who demnds our awe.

Such festivities should be filled with the music of many instruments

Playing in honor of even cosmic connections,

No alien god for you which leads to misdirection,

Teach this to your children that they may live with innocents.

The Gospels together indicate we should honor both anxious hospitable Martha and singularly prayerful Mary.

Bothe virtues are needed for every Christian to be aware and focused upon

Virtues the mentors of the Way of Jesus to take on.

To do so whould not for us be scary or wary but but stong outgoing and unwary.

I am the light of the world, with my grace you shall be rife

Whoever follows Jesus will have the light of life

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Poetry cm-7.28.11

Cm-7.28.11 Ex. 16-21, 34-39 Ps. 84. 3, 4, 5-6A, 8A, 11 Mt. 13. 46-53

Cosmic connection: gray skies, quiet a peeper here and there, no moon.

Moses did exactly as he was commanded by the Lord,

He built a dwelling place and pitched a tent about,

Within it he put the tablets all becoming the ark of the covenant to carry about

They also followed the movements of the cloud all in one accord.

The Ark the Dwelling place how lovely!

Such a place we long for even in a simple grove of shaded trees,

The nest of a sparrow where their young are cared for is called an altar of God’s expertise

Blessed are we who live in God’s house continually praising God each as a covey.

Once again the parable of the fisherman and his net,

Bring out the old (tradition) and the new and forge a new creation,

Angels will separate the good from the wicked and lead the righteous to salvation

The disciples didn’t quite get it yet

Open our hearts O Lord to listen to you Son,

His words have the gift of life ne’er to be outdone.

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Poetry cm-7.27.11

Cm-7,27,11 Exodus 34. 29-35 Ps. 99.5, 6, 7, 9 Mt. 13.44-46

Cosmic connection: Cool clear skies so quiet only hear convent motors, no birds. Saw a sliver of a new moon.

Moses coomes down off the mountain

His face radiant shining bright

From being in the tent in God’s sight.

So much so afterward he would wear a veil over his face

Until he returned . coming out to the people to tell them what the Lord had said like a fountain.

Where is your mountain you holy worship space?

Where can you go to extol to adore, to praise?

Many people have only their inner heart to visit each day to receive grace,

The entire world could be our temple, our pillar of cloud our knowledge base.


Jesus defines the kin-dom of heaven as a treasure of great price,

Someone preached that the treasure is ourselves,

An interesting outlook which I ponder upon, and do not shelve,

If only we would share and let a little suffice.

I call you friends, the Lord said,

Because I have made known to you all that the father has told me that you might spread.

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Poetry cm-7.26.11

Cm- 7.26.11 Ex. 33.7-11; 34. 5B-9, 28 Ps. 103, 6-7, 8-9 10-11. 12-13 Mt. 13. 35-43

Cosmic connection: gray slightly overcast. Quiet and still.

Moses had these private conversations with the Lord

In a tent pitch outside the camp,

The people stayed at their tents tamping,

The words of the lord Moses stored

The Lord is merciful and kind,

He cares for the oppressed,

Each and every distress,

So surpassing is his kindness by his own design.

Again the parable, It must be a hard one to get.

The disciples are courageous enough to ask,

Jesus answers as was his task,

He points out the importance of hearing on a manner we won’t forget.

The seed is the Word of God, Christ is the sower,

All who come to him will grow higher not lower.

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Poetry cm-7.26.11

Cm-7/25/11 2nd Cor. 4.7-15 Ps. 126. 1BC- 2AB, 2CD-3, 4-5, 6

Cosmic connection: overcast cooling morning quiet

Paul’s pericope about afflictions, despair abandonment, hardship whatever the story.

Denys that any of it matters: only that we live for Christ,

For we carry around in our bodies the death of Christ,

That the life of Christ might be revealed leading to thanksgiving’s overflow for the god’s glory

Now opposites, to have tears leads to reaping rejoicing. Our right,

There are times when after a challenge is met that we can rejoice,

But it is the Lord who does great things, with our thanksgiving we give voice.

\So we go out with seeds for sowing and return rejoicing with the harvest with delight

The Gospel a mother looking out for her child,

Wanting only the best,

Determined asking without rest,

The answer from Jesus: tough love if you wish to be great, become the servant of all mild.

I chose you, Christian, from the world so vast,

So that you may bear fruit to outlast.


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Poetry cm-7.24.11

Cm-7.24.11 1st Kings 3.5m 7-12 Ps. 119. 57, 72, 76-77, 127-128 129-130 Rom/8. 28-30 Mt. 13. 44-52

Cosmic connection: foggy skies muffled, a few bird sounds, a hummer at the fountain.

King Solomon has the good sense to ask God for the correct thing,

He doesn’t ask for wealth or beauty o things of this earth

God is pleased with his request and grants him his request of great worth,

What is it in our challenge of our day to be people of wisdom what do we bring?

Good old psalm 119– the longest psalm in the good book,

Every verse bonds us more firmly in the love of the law,

Many from this idea would shrink and withdraw,

But those of us who live from the heart reread and reread again to have a better look.

The Kin-dom of heaven, a hunter, a merchant, and a fisherman never relent,

Searching seeking for the treasure beyond price,

Persisting, relentless not thinking twice,

Letting love of the Euchqaris, service to others as Jesus did get our consent.

Blessed are you Fathe, Lord of heaven and earth for revealing to the little ones,

The mysteries of the Kin-dom the hidden wisdom just in this day begun.





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