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Cm-3.14.13  Is. 49, 8-15  Ps. 145. 8-9, 13CD-124, 17-18  Jn. 5, 17-30

Cosmic connection: blue sky early dawn, bird song

Question of the day: When was there a time when I was feeling hopeless and God led me out of the darkness?

Isaiah speaks of God’s care for us,

Pasturing, covenanting, comforting,

Humans emphasizing their discomfort

/The goodness of God distorting.

The Psalm describes God goodness,

Gracious and merciful of great kindness

Pointing out our own blindness,

Jesus will be our judge in justice shouldness.

The passage from John is packed,

The relationship of the Father and the Son is explained

The compatibility of their reign,

Jesus fulfilling everything due to being sent with nothing lacking.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life,

Even though a mother might forget us our God never will love exampled and rife.


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Cm-9.19.12  1st Cor. 12. 31=13.13  Ps. 33. 2-3, 4-5, 12. 22  Lk. 7. 31-35

Cosmic connection: cold crisp quiet morning, eagerly awaiting sunshine

Question of the Day: How can I act on the words of Jesus I have heard this week?


Love, love grace from above,

Patient, kind, not jealous, not inflated,

Keeps us in line and totally related,

Rejoices in the truth, thereof


“Blessed be the people the Lord has chosen as his own”

Giving thanks this day for life and grace,

Winging songs that are new going at a different pace,

The Lord love justice and right this day will show how we have grown.


Jesus compares us to children small,

Dancing in the city square who knows the correct way to care?

Follow John the Baptist, Jesus who? Sinners tax collectors do we dare

Vindication and wisdom come through all the wee ones grandchildren enthrall.

‘Your words are Spirit and life,

Let me listen and follow words leading to everlasting life.


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