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Poetry cm-3.31.11

Cm- 3/31/11 Jer. 7.23-28 Ps. 95. 1-2, 6-7, 8-9 Lk. 11. 14-23

Cosmic connection: a warm wind, starry night, Big Dipper.

Listen to the voice of God. Walk in my ways,

You will prosper

Continue to flourish and foster,

Take correction and be faithful each of us prays.

Ne’er to harden your heart but rather be

Soft, malleable sensitive open, released,

Able to hear, be of good cheer, always seeking peace,

Come let us bow down and worship, our shepherd guide intimate spouse living life with esprit.

Return to me with your whole heart,

For I have been gracious and merciful from the very start.



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Poetry cm-3.30.11

CM-3.30.11 DT. 4. 1, 5-9 Ps. 147. 12-1315-16, 19-20 Mt. 5. 17-19

Cosmic connection” overcast skies, one star linking from afar

The law, the law, the law to teach,

Doing them means you can enter the land,

The law and the land, wisdom and intelligence, following it demands,

In olden times they wore it around their neck, constant presence ready to beseech.

Praise the Lord, praise; lift your hearts to a rejoicing stage.

Ups and downs all our days; still lead us to teach his wondrous deeds,

Proclaim the marvelous graces given by the one, who intercedes,

Show us how to be peaceful people and not become enraged.

Those of us who teach others will be great.

Where is the humility in that?

Walk, love tenderly, act justly, be top hat,

To struggle, to ask for help, with the spiritual life be sate.

Your Words, O Lord, are spirit and life,

Cutting our souls like a surgical knife.

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Poetry cm-3.28.11

Cm- 3.28.11 2nd Kings 5. 1-15AB Ps. 42.2-3; 43. 3, 4 Lk. 4. 24-30

Cosmic connection: clear starry skies, cloudless! Is spring really here?

We are all cracked pots, our cracks may be perceived as our leprosy.

Why is there shame in that?

Cleansing is a simple thing, nothing in which to fall flat,

Then on a spring day things might be a bit rosier.

Still, yet and forever we thirst, for running streams,

Send forth your light and your fidelity, your flowing fountain,

Help us to climb your holy mountain

Out in nature might we revel in some sunbeams?

Jesus upsets those in the synagogue as he reminds them of Namaan’s healing,

Simply washing and cleansing

Responding to what the Lord sends,

Through Beauty God is himselfrevealing.

Hope and trust in the Lord’s redeeming power

The merciful grace with us rebuilding us at every hour.



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Cm-3.26.11 Micah 7, 14-15, 18-20 Ps. 103. 1-2, 3-4m 9-10, 11-12 Lk. 15. 1-3,11-22

Cosmic connection: overcast skies, intermittent rain, gray day.

Our God is compassion divinized,

We are shepherded, guided by a God who forgets our guilt,

O Lord looking at our world how come we have done as we wilt,

Katrina victims still homeless unsupported, funds stripped from elder care fictionalized.

As far as the east is from the west, does our God separate us from our transgressions,

Not according to our sins does he deal with us,

But by grace and wonderful gifts he seals his heart with us,

The needs of the poor and destitute in repression.

Let us take stock of the wonders God has given.

Let us never squander or take for granted

Rather let us embrace the seeds which are implanted,

Use them for the good of others in the Father’s embrace forgiven.

Father I shall return to you having sinned against you,

Let me allow your Grace to help to cope and follow through.






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Cm- 3.25.11 Isaiah 7. 10-14, 8-10 Ps. 40. 7-8, 8-9, 10,11 Heb 10. 4-10 Lk. 1. 26-38

Cosmic connection: less rain but damp, dark still.

This is an Annunciation Reflection not my usual rhyming.

I will not he Lord tempt,

For of evil I am not exempt,

I too await the marvelous coming of the one ho will be redemptive.

Have you asked the Lord a question and the answer received?

Then what do you do? Offer a holocaust and sin offering?

Then Lord wouldn’t have answered if He didn’t want to.

I have not ceased to tell of your wonders and your truth in the vast assemblies

For nothing is impossible for God,

Mary’s yes; our yes: I am the handmaid of the Lord,

Let it be done unto me according to your Word.

All things are possible for God.

The word became flesh,

To dwell within us our souls to daily refresh.

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Poetry cm-3.23.11

Cm-3.23.11 Jer. 18. 18-20 Ps. 31. 5-6,1 15-16 Mt. 20. 17-28

Cosmic connection: damp, dark, rainy

Let’s get Jeremiah; nothing will be lost.

Let us note his every word,

Catch him, cause his death e’en though he spoke on their behalf how absurd!

His words have our hearts crossed.

Whispers on every side of me frighten,

Rescue me from my foes.

In you I trust; into your hands I place my destiny listen to my woes,

Purify us, cleanse us brilliant and whiten.

A passion prediction: suffering to come,

Can you really drink the cup?

I cannot grant the mother’s wish for status within the Kindom to pay up,

Each should desire to become a servant of all imitating Jesus’ call to plumb.

Follow Jesus and have the light of life.

Compassionate people who listen to the Eord and let it cut like a knife.

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Poetry cm-3.21.11

Cm-3.21.11 Dan. 1-19. 4b-10 Ps. 79. 8, 9, 11&13 Lk. 6. 36-38

Cosmic connection: dark partially cloudy, starless, moon behind clouds= shy.

Spring is here. It is difficult to tell.

Our God is a God of covenant bonding,

Faithful and true, our sins we rue, heart responding,

But God is compassion and forgiveness; for together with this God we dwell.

The evil in our past, the rearview mirror, be forgotten

May your compassion come to us quickly

Help us because of the glory due your name for the healthy and the sickly,

Cleanse and purify us as white as cotton.

Be merciful and full of compassion as is the Father,

If you forgive, then you shall be forgiven,

Give and gifts to you shall be given,

For the measure we measure with will be measured to us really no bother.

Goodness and kindness shall follow us all our days

As we continue to be people of gratitude and praise.




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