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Cm-10.12.10 Gal.5.1-6 Ps. 119. 41, 44, 45, 48, 48 Lk. 11. 37-41

Cosmic connection: clear starry skies warm strong wind. Eucalyptus skin removal possible, Orion.

In Old Testament times people carried the land with them, pouched dirt,

Then the law became the symbol of belonging,

Paul warns of giving up the Spirit in favor of doing the law prolonging,

But Paul says the only thing necessary is faith working through love not losing ones shirt.

Lord wash me with your mercy,

Forgive my erroneous endeavors,

Give us a Spirit consonant with your ways, our immanent hearts never to sever,

Let the Spirit fly to us; impel us to action like any flying kersey.

The Pharisee was upset that Jesus did not perform the rite of washing,

Jesus reprimands him for cleaning only his outside,

Leaving evil and corruption inside,

Give alms and then all shall be clean, his bubble squashing.

The Word of God is living and effective, from the start,

Able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart


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Poetry- cm-10.11.10

Cm-10. 11.10 Gal. 4. 22-24,. 26-27, 31-5.1 Ps. 113. 1B-2, 3-4, 5A &6-7 Lk. 11. 29-32

Cosmic connection: a warmish early a.m. Orion starry morn, quiet

It sounds like there is something greater than Jonah,

And the repentance of the Ninevites,

Are we not called to follow this something greater our Christic light?

Let us lesson listen and seek his persona.

Paul speaks of two children born, one of freedom and one of slavery,

Jerusalem which is from above is freeborn, our mother infertile

Let us never again submit to the yoke of slavery, rather productive and fertile,

For to do so would be unsavory.

From the rising of the sun to its setting is the name of the Lord to be praised,

High above the nations is the Lord, above the heavens his glory,
Let us learn of this man’s life story,

He looks upon the earth from heaven regarding and protecting the lowly all their days.

Listen, O people open your hearts,

Harden not, but as a rose open wide, walk in Creation receive love’s darts.




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Poetry cm-10.8.10

CM-10.9.10 Gal. 3.22-29 Ps. 105. 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 Lk. 11. 27-28

Cosmic connection: cool crisp morning clear, stars Venus, quiet.

What does it take to hear?

A clear mind without distraction?

What is the word of God’s attraction?

But encouragement and guidance to make our Way clear.

Rejoice O hearts that seek the Lord,

Look to the Lord for strength, constantly serve,

The lord has wrought wondrous deeds, will throw you no curve,

Work on relationships get everyone onboard.

Comply then, strengthen your covenant bond,

Observe and follow celebrate action and fidelity ever so strong,

Be careful, to see, and with every loving act perceive how you belong,

Then your prayers and thoughts can pierce the great beyond.

Observe and hear,

Then be of good cheer.



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Poetry cm-10.6.10

Cm-10.6.10 Gal. 2.1-2, 7-14 Ps. 117. 1BC, 2 Lk. 11.1-4

Cosmic connection: tunnel of darkness, faint stars moonless, quiet

Paul realizes he has been sent for the gospel to the Gentiles,
Going to Jerusalem to have Peter recognize Paul’s grace,
Paul seeking the Apostle’s embrace, not to replace,
Always mindful of the poor, eager to do self-styled.

Praise and glorify the Lord all you nations,
Travel abroad spread the Good News,
Tell anyone you see to good actions enthuse,
The Lord’s daily fidelity our proclamation.

The Our Father, greatest prayer of all time,
Six petitions commented on by the doctors of the church,
Hallowed be the holy name, let your kindom come do not test us we urge,
Taking the human mind to the height of the sublime.

The spirit of adoption helps us to cry out Abba,
Let it grow to be our heartfelt mantra.

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Poetry Cm-10.5.10

Cm-10.5.10 Gal. 1.13-24 Ps. 139. 1B-3, 13-14AB, 14C-15 Lk. 10. 38-42

Cosmic connection: clear moonless skies Orion visible, quiet.

All of us at one time or another have done wrong to our Church,

Then we realize faith has its ups and downs,

Conversion turns us around so we don’t skip town,

Lead by the Spirit we begin to be instruments wishing to proclaim the word search.

We are so intimately known by our God there is no place to run,

Instead we are daily Eucharistically fed.

We search for The Lord who has knitted us in the womb until the weaver severs the last thread,

Our Lord, the Master Sculptor, fashioning us from where we have begun.

Martha and Mary and the better part,

Mary listening humbly at the Lord’s feet,

Martha anxious and distracted seeking equity fully replete,

Both though the Lord’s work of art.

Listen then to the word of God,

Sharing with others, let prayer be your connecting rod.





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Poetry cm-9.26.10

Cm- 9.26.10 Amos. 6.1A;4-7 (139C) ps. 146. 7, 8-9, 9-10, 9-10 1st Tim 6. 11-16 Lk. 16. 19-31

Cosmic connection: Filling moon, halo, Venue, cricket motors, darkness.

Wanton revelry, leading to exile.

All those good things seemingly wrong?

The rich who eat sumptuously thinking they are strong,

Who are the poor ones are they the gentiles?

Praise the Lord my soul,

All my being centered toward you; keeping faith forever.

Listening to the universe my conscious endeavor

Help me, O Lord, to follow portion control.

Lazarus and the rich man,

One in torment,

The other with Abraham quite content,

As the rich man, myself. I grieve messes I’ve made interfering with God’s plan.

The Lord Jesus for us became poor,

That we might become rich the beauties of our earth and its grandeur.

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