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Cm-3.14.13  Is. 49, 8-15  Ps. 145. 8-9, 13CD-124, 17-18  Jn. 5, 17-30

Cosmic connection: blue sky early dawn, bird song

Question of the day: When was there a time when I was feeling hopeless and God led me out of the darkness?

Isaiah speaks of God’s care for us,

Pasturing, covenanting, comforting,

Humans emphasizing their discomfort

/The goodness of God distorting.

The Psalm describes God goodness,

Gracious and merciful of great kindness

Pointing out our own blindness,

Jesus will be our judge in justice shouldness.

The passage from John is packed,

The relationship of the Father and the Son is explained

The compatibility of their reign,

Jesus fulfilling everything due to being sent with nothing lacking.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life,

Even though a mother might forget us our God never will love exampled and rife.


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ACm-2.19.13  Isaiah55. 10-11  Ps.34. 4-5, 6-7, 16-17, 18-19  Mt. 6.7-15

Cosmic connection: predawn dark threatening skies quiet chilly

Question of the day: Which phrase of this prayer speaks to me this day?

The cycle of nature is impressed on us in the two verses of Isaiah.

Rain waters the earth and returns to the skies to water again,

So does the Word of God spoken and achieving the purpose for which it was sent.

It seems the purpose is to soften our hearts, nurturing healing and inspiring actions to help us on our journey steep as the Himalayas.

Everyone has fears,

We call upon God and He definitely hears,

Then we thank, extol and glorify His name of good cheer,

If we are just, we get a listening ear from God to whom we become dear.

Jesus gives us a seven step petitioner prayer,

Teresa of Avila, – doctor of the Church teaches much about this prayer,

Each petition is revealed to us by her wisdomic care,

If we take time to ponder these petitions our hearts will be repaired.

One does not live on bread alone,

But on every word spoken from the mouth of God by such hearts known.

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Cm-9/26/12   Proverbs 30. 5-9   Ps. 119. 72, 89, 101, 104, 163   Lk. 9. 1-6

Cosmic connection: dark chilly predawn skies, quiet motors

Question of the day:  How might my desire for “more than enough “draw me from the imitation of Christ?


Once again we are in the book of Proverbs: short pity statements,

Usually giving advice

True for many of us, and will suffice,

Leaving us anything but complacent.


Again we have Psalm 119 our embracing and loving of the law,

‘Your word is a lamp for my feet,

Every fulfilling act of doing the law bonds us in love to our God, ever complete,

Desiring honesty and only what is necessary in radical poverty, living in discernment graced with awe.


Jesus wants us to gather and increase our faith and evangelize our world,

He gives us what we need, asks us to do good deeds,

Sends us with gifts we have received,

Take nothing for the journey, accept blessings, shake the dust if necessary, and heal as we can those in our world.


The Kingdom of God is at hand,’

Repent and believe in the Gospel,’ the command




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Cm-9.23.12  Wis. 2. 12, 17-20  Ps. 54. 2-3, 5, 6-8  James 3. 16-4.3  Mk.9/ 30-37

Cosmic connection:  quiet dark very early morn, planet Venus

Question of the day: What service can I do that would make Jesus happy?


The evil want to beset the Son of Man because whatever God will care,

Let us condemn him to a shameful death,

While we enjoy the weather and a fresh breath,

The Son of Man reproaches us and charges us with violations against our training yielding consciences sensitive and quite aware.


The Lord upholds our lives,

God is our helper life-sustaining,

Within his loving embrace remaining,

Wisdom pure patient, lenient compliant full of mercy grace arriving


The Gospel is full: passion-death and resurrection prediction,

Controversy over who is the greatest,

Becoming servant of all by being last and latest.

Receiving a child is receiving the one who sent Jesus with conviction.


“God has called us through the gospel to possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”





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Cm-9.22.12  1st Cor. 15.35-37, 42-49  Ps. 56. 10C-12, 13-14  Lk. 8. 4-5

Cosmic connection:   dawn, overcast slight quick burn off until clear skies.

Question of the day: What am I doing to make sure Jesus’ words take root in me?

Even Paul mentions sowing and growing,

Life and resurrection, spiritual and natural,

We shall bear the image of the last Adam, glorious and supernatural,

The image of the heavenly one showing.


With my present circumstance I know that God is with me,

In that is my trust without fear,

Full of thanksgiving and good cheer,

Let us walk in the light of the living rescued without stumbling and see.


The parable of the seed and the type of soil in which it is sown,

Rocky, thorny, eaten by birds,

But yet in Jesus’ time there was not yet the concept of changing ones’ soil endured.

The seed so precious the word of God planted in hearts to share the known.

“Blessed are those who have kept the word with a generous heart,

Yielding a rich harvest” goodness and gentleness to impart.


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Cm-9.21.12  Eph 4.1-7, 11-13  Ps. 19. 2-3, 4-5  Mt. 9.9-13

Cosmic connection:  dark chilly overcast morning saw Venus

Question of the day: What might I have to leave behind to follow Jesus today?


Unity of faith to build up the body of Christ,

Live your cal in humility and gentleness

Striving to preserve the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace the relevance,

Coming to full stature in the personhood of Christ which does suffice.


“Their message goes out through all the earth.”

Evangelists they are to spread the Good news in new ways,

To everyone throughout the world their voice is heard every one of our days,

Even with a sense of humor and a mite of mirth.


Matthew is called quite succinctly,

No invitation but only the imperative,

Yet he gathered with others at a meal in the narrative,

I desire mercy and not sacrifice he says distinctly.


“We praise you, O God; we acclaim you as Lord;

The glorious company of Apostles praises you” trying to live in one accord, restored.


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Cm-9.20.21  1st Cor. 15. 1-11  Ps. 118. 1B-2, 16AB-17, 28.   Lk. 7. 36-50

Cosmic connection:  gray dark overcast skies, quiet,

Question of the day: How much more do I love because I have been so often forgiven? 

Paul preaches what he has been graced with-more than being behaved.

The Good News of salvation,

Least of the Apostles because of his persecution,

Nor looking the gift horse in the mouth but sharing his gift those others might be saved

The psalm is full of thanksgiving,

 A gratitude which overwhelms the heart,

For being born from the start,

Leading us to hearts which might be more forgiving.


Jesus is treated by a sinful woman with compassion,

Her tears wash his feet, she of course condemned,

But Jesus vindicates her and tells her she is forgiven much through her faith he her friend.

Much forgiven?  How much more she loves? in high fashion.


‘Come to me all who labor and are burdened, I will give you rest,’

I will show you love and lead you into what it means to be blessed.




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