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Cm-3.14.13  Is. 49, 8-15  Ps. 145. 8-9, 13CD-124, 17-18  Jn. 5, 17-30

Cosmic connection: blue sky early dawn, bird song

Question of the day: When was there a time when I was feeling hopeless and God led me out of the darkness?

Isaiah speaks of God’s care for us,

Pasturing, covenanting, comforting,

Humans emphasizing their discomfort

/The goodness of God distorting.

The Psalm describes God goodness,

Gracious and merciful of great kindness

Pointing out our own blindness,

Jesus will be our judge in justice shouldness.

The passage from John is packed,

The relationship of the Father and the Son is explained

The compatibility of their reign,

Jesus fulfilling everything due to being sent with nothing lacking.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life,

Even though a mother might forget us our God never will love exampled and rife.


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Cm-9.22.12  1st Cor. 15.35-37, 42-49  Ps. 56. 10C-12, 13-14  Lk. 8. 4-5

Cosmic connection:   dawn, overcast slight quick burn off until clear skies.

Question of the day: What am I doing to make sure Jesus’ words take root in me?

Even Paul mentions sowing and growing,

Life and resurrection, spiritual and natural,

We shall bear the image of the last Adam, glorious and supernatural,

The image of the heavenly one showing.


With my present circumstance I know that God is with me,

In that is my trust without fear,

Full of thanksgiving and good cheer,

Let us walk in the light of the living rescued without stumbling and see.


The parable of the seed and the type of soil in which it is sown,

Rocky, thorny, eaten by birds,

But yet in Jesus’ time there was not yet the concept of changing ones’ soil endured.

The seed so precious the word of God planted in hearts to share the known.

“Blessed are those who have kept the word with a generous heart,

Yielding a rich harvest” goodness and gentleness to impart.


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Cm-7.21.12  Micah 2.1-5  Ps. 10. 1-2, 3-4, 7-8, 14  Mt. 12. 14-21

Cosmic connection: clear blue skies, promises to be summer warm

Question of the day: To whom can I bring hope this day?

Micah one of the minor prophets from the 8th century BC,

Roil judgment against leadership who oppress the poor,

The rich and those who amass wealth disregarding those in need, they the doer,

Applaud those who bring hope in a devastated land by possession decreed.

Lord where are you? Standing aloof allowing this to go on,

Do not forget the needs of the poor, O Lord,

Let the wicked ones not prosper because of their greed,

Come with your grace to heal and intercede,

Bing us hope with every rising dawn.

Jesus understanding the plotting of the Pharisees became reclusive,

He will bring about justice and hope,

We do not yet realize his power and scope,

In his going off he becomes elusive.

To bring us hope god was reconciling the world to himself through Christ,

And the message of reconciliation is free at the best price.

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