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Poetry cm-12.16.10

Cm-12.16.10 Is. 54. 1-10 Ps. 30 2, 4, 5-6, 11-12A, 13B Lk. 7. 24-30

Cosmic connection: chilly, stars a-way off a bit of overcast major light on impedes the connection

Barren one, you who have not born,

Break into song,

Your husband is he, who has become your Maker so strong,

The Lord calls us back, with great tenderness, My love will never leave you I have sworn.

Lord you have brought me back from the nether world,

You have saved me from the pit,

For this I will always praise you and thank you whether I stand or sit,

You have bound my heart to you never to be unfurled.

Why did you go out to the dessert? Whom did you seek?

A messenger? A prophet? One who would prepare the way?

No one is greater than John except the least born into the Kindom without delay,

We are they who will not reject the plan of God, unique, lowly and meek.

Straighten the way, prepare each day,

We shall see the salvation of our God; the Trinity is born this triple array.






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Poetry cm-12.2.10

Cm-12.2.10 Is 26.1-6 Ps. 118. 1, 8&9, 19-21, 25-27A Mt. 7.21, 24-27

Cosmic connection very cold, able to see Venus beyond a light cloud cover

The lord is an eternal rock.
Timeless, unceasing never to decease,
Be open just receive peace
Trust in this rock, listen for every knock.

Better to trust in the Lord than in man/woman,
Give thanks the Lord is good,
Continue to strive and knock on your wood,
Light comes from the Lord our darkness to span.

To enter the kingdom we must do the Father’s will,
The life of the Spirit to instill; timeless not on the clock,
A ruined house, not when not built on rock,
The Messiah rock our Lord and savior the one with skill.

Seek the Lord where he may be found,
Find him simply as you look around.

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