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Cm-1.29.12  Dt/ 18.15-20  Ps. 96. 1-2, 6-7, 7-9  1st Cor. 7. 33-35  Mk. 1.21-29

 Cosmic connection perfectly blue skies slight wind

 Question of the day:  When was the last time you wer amazed?


Moses speaking of a prophet arising,

From our kin,

One who is without sin,

One who will be amazing astonishing, surprising.

O heart within m do not harden,

Put your trust in the Lord your rock,

Think not what is happening should be any shock,

Rather frolic gratefully in th Lord’s garden.


Be not anxious, my Love,-

Worry only about what is appropriate for you within me,

Adhere to me,  abide within my calm as a glassy sea,

Think only of th glory above.


Jesus, amazed the people, his ability to  have power over demons,

Telling them to, “come out”,

Leaving the people wondering, who has such authority round about,

Choosing a band of able seamen


Let us repent and

Believe the Good new from the one, heaven-sent.



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Cm-1.16.12  1st Sam. 15. 16-23  Ps. 50.8-9, 16BC-17, 21&23

Cosmic connection: chilly, cold,  clear moonless early a.m.

Question of the day: When do you fast?

In Samuel we have the continued fighting,

Conflict against established leadership,

Obedience is to be chosen over sacrifice our focus in this day’s preaching readership,

Still looking for dawn’s brightening.

O how in our day we seek justice , the saving power of God,

Injustice is rampant,

The Lord is always the best one to draw things up before our eyes,

Giving us ample evidence of those we might despise,

Whereas not giving lip service we wish to praise and applaud.

Have you ever had cause to fast,

Not just dieting,but depending on the presence of God,

The bridegroom is always present, our connecting rod,

In order that relationships, which are of love, with those above, might last.

Thank you, O Lord for the blessings and dreams of this day,

May we all seek to be the upright so mentioned in every way.

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Cm-1.9.12  Is. 55. 1-11  Is. 12. 2-3, 4bcd. 5-6  Mk.1. 7-11

Cosmic connection: clear blue skies, no clouds, moon, still.

Question of the day: What does being a child of God mean for you today?

Today is the Baptism of the Lord.

Choices for three readings,

Waters the Holy Spirit seeding,

Seekers linked to the Epiphany, child adored.

We will draw water joyfully,

Because God is our savior portrayed,

Gifting us with courage and unafraid

Beloved darting coyfully

The Spirit hovers,

A thunderous voice proclaims:

“You are my beloved Son,

In whom I am well pleased, well covered.

Christ has no hands but ours this day,

To console others, visit the incarcerated and with them pray.

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Cm-1.8.12  Is. 60. 1-6 Ps. 72  1-2, 7-8, 10-11, 12-13  Eph. 3. 2-3A, 5-6  Mt. 2. 1-12

 Cosmic connection:  dark sky full moon, seeker sees three circles due to baby cataracts believes Trinity involved with this brilliant feast.

 Question of the day:  When was the last time you were grateful to God for bringing you out of darkness?

O Creator of sun and moon, stars of the sky,

Giver of the Son savior so true,

Protecting light covering us out of the blue,

Raise your eyes and see all come to the manger dusty and dry.


All peoples come to adore you,

Treat us kindly Lord with your mercy,

This Lord will have compassion for the radically poor quite worthy,

Salvation is ours through the Light of the glory given to us through this child’s debut.


Paul gives us his revelation which came by way of the Spirit’s wing

That even the Gentiles were brought to the child by the star,

The seekers, the path makers those journeying come from afar,

They come to prostrate themselves to this infant king.


Let us do him homage and come to adoration,

This glorious king our salvation.




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Poetry cm-1.5.12

Cm-1.4.12  1st Jn 3. 11-21  Ps. 100.1B-2, 3, 4,5  Jn. 1. 43-51

Cosmic connection: dark starry skies,  moonless, quiet cold , crisp

Question of the day:  Has God ever given you a name change?

And so we are children of God

God is our protector and nourishes, all that is sought,

All that God is is what we are not,

The face of God is no façade.

What child would not want to be so loved,

Elizabeth Ann Seton saw this and worked lovingly to care for each child.

In our day we are children self-styled,

Yearning for God’s embrace of kindness and compassion from above.

Jesus finds Philip and calls, ‘follow me’

Can anything good come from Nazareth? ‘Come and see.’

They proclaim Jesus as the Messiah, Son of God, for all to believe,

The Holy One who graciously gives to all a dose of faith to set us free.

Every day is a day to receive light, Come let us adore,

Help us , O Lord, to be for one another, we implore

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