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Poetry cm-6.30.12

Cm-Lam. 2.2.10-14.18-19  Ps. 24. 1B-2, 3-5, 6=7   Mt. 8.5-17

Cosmic connection: Gray patchy skies predicting clearing, birds high in the eucalyptus

Question of the day: What lessons or shakes my confidence in Jesus’ healing power?

We are in the Babylonian captivity lamenting

When actually we will be celebrating a First Profession of our Novice.

She is supposed to be a beginner but she is more like a prophet

Still humble and accepting learning our vowed life with us cementing.


The psalmist cries out with the torment of what has profaned the sanctuary

a place of safety

Looking at our earth and world turmoil it is not difficult to compare

We look to the Power of the Lord to keep all in His infinite care,

A solution asking for more prayer and compassion, hospitality and safety.


The Gospel speaks to obedience to those in authority, and healing

The centurion asks for healing for his servant,

They discuss how the servant does what he is told; he is observant,

Peter’s mother-[in-law is healed of her fever Jesus his power to heal revealing.


Christ took away our infirmities and bore our diseases,

Come let us praise and adore and do what He pleases.



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Poetry cm-6.29.12

Cm-6.29.12  Acts  12. 1-11  Ps. 34. 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9  2nd Tim.4.5-8, 17-18  Mt. 16. 13-19

Cosmic connection: a little dump in the early morning quiet muffled time

Question of the day: How might I increase my faith to be more like theirs?


 Have you ever laid down your life to the service of others?

It takes a godly amount of trust,

Like Peter with the angel who got him out of prison relieving him of the chains with which he was trussed.

Paul also believed in his vision sent to proclaim the good news to his sisters and brothers.


For those who have such angels and visions life is turned over,

To praising and glorifying the Lord with daily attitude of gratitude,

For who is so powerful as to save us over and over again with such magnitude,


Then Jesus gives Peter his chance  ‘who do you say that I am?’

“You are the Christ the Son of the living god.”

In reply,’ Blessed ar you because you have received this faith from the heavenly Father.

This isn’t a myth or any type of sham.


‘You are Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church’

May it be for you and me to continue to live out our search.

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Just me

HI my faithful followers.  Today  I will have a 1/2 hour procedure to put in new

tubing to give me my liquid nutrition each day.  I  ask for your prayers.  I should come home right after the Lord willing.  thank you and blessings on your day.

S. Jean Matthew

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ACm-6.25.12  2nd Kgs.19. 9B-11, 14-21, 31-35A, 36  Ps. 48. 2-3AB, 3CD-4. 10-11

Mt 7. 6, 12-14

Cosmic connection:  Cool quiet, many different peeps and chirps

Question of the day: What beam is lodged in my eye preventing  me ftom seeing as Jesus does?


Fighting again between kings for lands,

Such that only one tribe was left that  of Judah,-the remnant

The people sinned by worshipping idols forsook their God how repugnant!

They rejected the covenant, statutes and commands.


A time when seemingly the people feel rejected,

That God does not yet march with them against their foes.

Is it not we rather who should examine ourselves to see if we are in God’s flow.

Is it not our conscience which should stand corrected?


Jesus preaches about ‘not judging others’.

He says we may not do it because we need to check ourselves before we judge others, a splinter their fault and a beam our fault,

When we find ourselves judging we should stop and halt.

For we are in the business, we Christian of loving each other, affirming and building up our sisters and brothers.


The word of God is living and effective from the start,

Able to discern the reflection and thoughts within our hearts.















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Poetry cm-6.24.12

Cm-6.24.12  Is. 49. 1-6  Ps. 139. 1B-3, 13-14AB, 14C-15  Axts 13. 22-26  Lk. 1. 57-66, 80

Cosmic connection: high clouds, birds just a-peeping, chatter in eucalyptus

Question of the day: How might I live out my Baptismal commitment from when I became a Christian?

The bridge the bridge the inter-testamental bridge ,

The one who prepares the way of the Lord by calling for conversion,

Herald,- pointing out He who is to come as savior into baptism’s grace our immersion,

Precursor bringing together the old and the new in one ridge.

In the Acts we have the humility of John, unworthy to unfasten His sandals

Declaring himself ‘not the one’

Pointing out the Messiah for those who believe,- not to be undone,

This word of salvation to John has been sent a light to the Nations our perpetual candle.


Luke shows that John recognized Jesus in his mother’s womb, leaping for joy,

Zechariah struck dumb stating his name is John.

The people were amazed this beginning of a new dawn,

What great news, a child knitted together in his mother’s womb, our faith to employ.

You child, John shall be called a prophet this day,

For you have come to prepare the Lord’s way.




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Poetry cm-6.23.12

Cm-6.23.12  2nd Chron 24. 17-25  Ps. 89. 4-5, 29-30, 31-32, 33-34 Mt 6. 24-34

Cosmic connection:  Not too cold, will be a warm one, birds a-chatter

Question of the day:  What other master seeks to gain my allegiance this day?


The Old Testament reading again is full of competition and aggression,

The focus being loyalty to the temple of the Lord,

Their God was a punishing God; they resorted to pagan adoration,

Joash suffered and died, but was kept from being buried in the tomh’s procession/


The Psalm seems to balance this all out; God’s covenant is unilateral

It shall never enc, always there to catch us from any wind.

Even though we are those who have sinned,

Mercy shall not be taken from us no matter our crimes God is faithful, admirable.

Then the Gospel is design to give us peace.

We are told, encouraged, not to be anxious or worried

Food drink, clothes, health whatever gives us a challenge drink it all in without hurry.

Serenity comes to those who go deep within to find the Lord’s way receiving grace as an increase.

Do not fret;-Jesus became poor that you might become rich,

Growing in grace without a hitch.


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Cm-6.22.12  2n…

Cm-6.22.12  2nd Kings 11.1-4, 9=18,20   Ps. 132. 1, 12, 13-1417-18  My. 6. 19-23

Cosmic connection:  cold crisp, burning off fog, bird chirping

Question of the day: What might lure me to act in waus Jesis might not want?

In old Testament times we might call R-rated  for its fighting.

Vengeance death, competition  reigned,

Life was cheap with nothing gained,

Rather than seeing Beauty in every step delighting

 ‘The Lord has chosen Zion as his dwelling,’

If one is loyal to the covenant, then they shall obtain the throne,

The Lord prefers Zion his resting place a place with anointing and  grace  prone,

Deserving a crown foretelling.


Where might your treasure be?

For there you shall find your heart,

Inspirited from every dawn’s start,

The lamp of your body is the eye,

Used by being sound, in it the light to shine and lead you to light,- to see


Guard humility, blessed  the poor in spirit,

Go forth, O Christian, within every face you shall come near it.


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