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Cm-10.26.11  Rom. 8. 26-30  Ps. 13.4-5, 6  LK. 13. 22-30

Cosmic connection:  Dark clear starry night sky quiet

Question of the day:  Do you enjoy long lines?

Lines teach us how to wait,

Have you ever just stood and prayed to the center of your being,

Of course, all eyes are on those ahead, to  look back and include those behind,

Strike up a conversation with those you are seeing,

Knowing you might never meet again or have a coffee date.

Yes the Spirit helps us when  we do not know how to pray,

Sometimes it means just to let go of all that is and just be,

Knowing you are always in  God’s presence embraced and held together we agree,

The spirit intercedes for us listens to our groanings, teaches us what to say.

The Gospel challenges to look at our challenges to get through the ultimate gate,

Gates inherently have risk within them for we do not tend to look back,

We want to be recognized by our Lord to receive his welcome into the Kin-dom along our track.

For we cant take it with us must lose the extra weight.

God  has called us through the following of the Gospel,

To possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ withour quarrel


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Cm-10.23.11  Ex. 22. 20-26  Ps. 18. 2-3, 3-4, 47, 51  1st Thes, 1, 5C-10  Mt. 22. 34-40

Cosmic connection:     Brilliant blue sunny day no funerals

Question of the day:  Do you always follow the law?

Katherine Hepburn once said, “If you follow all the rules you miss all the fun.”

We are to treat each other as equals despite our position in life,

Then we will live in peace without judgment and strife,

If you pilfer then you are to return it to God is compassionate never done.

The Gospel has spread throughout the world

Be encouraged to continue your spreading of it with zeal,

For the Holy Spirit is the One to continue god’s words to reveal,

E’en though life might be filled with death and destruction twirled.

We know in this life all that glitters is not worth gold,

But if we love God, our selves, and neighbor these two laws become golden,

Then by imitating the Lord and inspiring action, we become emboldened

At last we shall all be gathered into one big fold.

Whoever loves the Lord will keep his Word with a balanced price

Then the Father shall come to us and together we shall all abide,

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CM-19.20.11  Rom. 6. 19-23  Ps. 1, 1-2, 2, 3, 4, 6  LK. 12. 49-53

Cosmic connection:   Deep fogginess cool morning one bird on cross quietly.

Question of the Day: Have you ever asked yourself if you have zeal?

We’ve had lots of death and dying in our care center.

Even the Church celebrated several martyrs this week,

Yet we strive to present ourselves for righteousness’ sake for the Lord, whom we seek,

For in reality it is that Lord, who is our mentor,

As a slave of God, our hope is in this God alone.

We lean on one another to ameliorate the daily tasks,

Getting up is one to be a bit droopy not up to what is asked,

Not ready to meet God at his heavenly throne…

Jesus wants us to be alive filled with zeal,

Energetic, bold, active, compassionate,

Feeling for the suicide and death of animals, for a better world passionate

What ever our action for the Lord’s sake let’s make it real,

Rubbish are All things

Unless I can be found in Christ and within the grace He brings.

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Cm -10.8.11  Joel  4. 12-21  Ps. 97. 1-2, 5-6, 11-12  Lk. 11. 28-28

Cosmic connection: blue skies for today.

Question of the day: Do you wonder about the difference between hearing and observing?

Joel is a bit intimidating.

To say the least a judgment time is coming,

But also a time of flowing wine water numbing.

Lord living under your protective grace, may you never find us to incriminate,

The Psalm balances all this by

Assuming we are living just lives

Therefore not fearing judgment as along life we strive,

Which leads to joy if our justice in spiced with authenticity and truth, no  lie.

The gospel embraces what is as blessing,

Blessed ar those who hear and observe the Word,

Then may we  llisten to the word within and act as the Holy spirit spurs.

Then or lives will be led  in confidence and not just guessing.

“Blessed are those who hear the word and observe it”

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Cm-10.6.11  MalachI 3. 13-20B  Ps. 1. 1-2, 3, 4, 6  LK.11. 5-13

Cosmic connection: Colder gray skies opening to  wispy blue cloudy skies a few rain drops.

Question of the day: Has anyone asked you to do three things at once in your day?

‘Those who fear the Lord trust in the Lord will be called ‘Mine”

Th e flowing streams through my mind which gave me pictures to paint,

Whether on canvas or words  pictures I paint telling the story without complaint.

What more can the Lord’s people want to take God’s plan and redesign it?


Blessed are we who hope in the Lord.

Let us delight in the law of thw Lord,

Ket us meditate on the word of the Lord all our days. In one accord,

Awaiting our heavenly reward.

Now the Gospel teaches us to be persistant in our searching,

By doing three things asking, seeking, and knocking,

Persistently and boldly not worrying about shocking,

Let your focus be the locus of your researching.

‘Open our hearts ,

To listen to every Word imparted from dawn  to each days restart.

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