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Cm-12.31.11  1st  Jn2. 18-21  Ps. 96. 1-2, 11-12, 13  Jn. 1. 1-18

Cosmic connection:  dark high clouds, starless, early winter morn

Question of the day: Have you ever known the depth of simply being a child of God?

Authenticity is sometimes hard to find in this age,

Truth is elusive,

A  Christian’s duty exclusive,

To Jesus Christ we testify, Spirit anointed,- by the Holy One engaged.

‘Let the heavens rejoice and earth be glad’

Let us take stock of this year in its dying,

Break forth into new song evil denying,

Let all nature exult raise voices acclaim his justice and constancy, repent a tad.

For we are but emissaries for this Jesus who is all truth and Light,

Children embraced by our gracious God,

Held, nurtured, brought to new life awaiting the Spirit’s nod,

What a power just by accepting to be a child within this true brilliant glorious bright Light

The Word of God, became flesh with us to dwell,

Accepting to be His child,   Then all shall be well.


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            Cm- 12.29.11   1      1st Jn. 2.3-11   Ps. 96. 1-2A, 2B-3, 5B-6   Lk. 2.22-35

            Cosmic connect      Cosmic connection: crisp high clouds, winter day warming adequately.

            Question of the Day What is your health care how will  you manage

   The elderly, are they just sheep let out to pasture?

   Oops are you one of them?  Where is the ‘we’ and the ‘I’ split,

  Can we really all be one without a hizzy fit?

   Do we help the nearest neighbor or only in natural disaster?

   Pondering the word just

      Looking at our world,

        Remembering how the initial Spirit swirled,

Rejoicing in the heavens in proclaiming salvation to all in the name of the Lord to trust

Anna and Simeon, simple waiters,

Patiently living out quiet lives,

Not worrying about whether one thrives or strives

Having the faith to believe their Lord, the Beloved will let them see the Lord later

They saw the Light too brilliant to be seen,

In the wee child so small soft and serene

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CM-12.27.11  1st Jn. 1. 1-4  Ps. 97. 1-2, 5-6, 11=12  Jn. 20. 1A, & 2-8

Cosmic connection:  cold, clear crisp, silence before the beginning of nother convent day.

Question of the day: Have you. always had someone who gets  there ahead of you?

Just me  Such a struggled to do this when I can’t see too well.   New glasses coming need to wait for a month. Ever onward. . . .

The completion of our joy,

The life which comes forth from the Father in the son Jesus, Emmanuel

Wee child celebrated in our season annual,

By way of our songs to employ.

Let the just rejoice in the Lord,

King of he earth, many isles and coastlands,

Cloud and darkness are His raiment, yet to understand,

All this grace and gift to within hearts to be stored,

Even then the younger hesitated for the elder to arrive,

When John entered, he saw and believed

What a gift was that sight to so come to receive.

You O Lord on high we praise and acclaim

And thank you for the glorious apostles who did the same.

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Cm-12.21.11   Song of songs 2. 8-14  Ps. 13. 2-3, 11-12, 20-21  Luke. 1. 39-45

Cosmic connection:  starry black sky twinkling, cold, a day starting with coffee, and time away anticipation.

Question of the day: What does exulting do for you?  When was your last triumph?

Mary goes to visit Elizabeth,

John in the womb exults,

When we overcome life’s challenges even insults,

Mary is just barely human more divine which helps us develop some humility/

Sing to the Lord a new Song,

In our world what is the meaning of justice?

Is it not rather the experience of injustice?

My lover is like a gazelle,

He asks us to rise and come,

Peeks through lattice of confusion to find us to help us surrender, succumb,

Helps us to rejoice; His story to retell.

O Emmanuel, God with us, come to save,

Help us to deeply rejoice in the Father’s gift He gave.

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Cm-12.18.11   2nd Sam. 7. 1-5-6, 8B-12, 14A. 16  Ps. 89. 2-3, 5-6, 27,29  Lk. 1. 26-38

 Cosmic connection:  Bright blue, clear, dry, winter day.

Question of the day: When have you  been deeply troubled and had it all explained to you?

David sat in his sumptuous temple and saw the tent of the ark

Wanting to honor his God he sought to make better digs,

But God being God,- wanted to dwell within each of us, for our God is big.

Each of us needs to honor that space within wher God dwells and listen and hark

In our harking let us continue to thank and praise our God by forever singing the goodness of our God

God by his faithfulness maintains his covenant of kindness,

We, chosen one with the dwelling of God within, business our blindness,

Go there to pray be open,  and available to receive grace translucent the prod.

Mary, O Mary teach us through the grace you received

To have an angel explain it all to you, do not be troubled,-

Your yes, your fiat, our grace redoubled,

Help us to lead others to so believe.

Handmaidenof the Lord,

May we acerpt all of God’s word for us and come to adore

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CM-12.17.11  Gen. Gen. 49.2q, 8-10  Ps, 72. 1-2, 3-4AB, 7-8, 17  Mt. 1.1-17

Cosmic connection: dark starless skies cold, clear blue bird in distance roses dormant heat seeking.

Question of the day:  Who is interested in your background and ancestry?

Genesis takes us back to the creator,

Back to Judah we go,

Lions whelp and prowess to show,

Our  ultimate vindicator.

Justice and peace, concepts in our time difficult to find,

Please God endow you’re the king,

That your afflicted may have peace  through the creator’s offspring,

Then might we all slow down And unwind.

Matthew wants to prove a point,-

The Son of God born of a virgin womb,

His lineage goes back to David the King, passing through many tombs,

Between the Creator and the Son, for all time joined.

The O antiphons begin(eight more days): O Wisdom on high,

Reminding us that Christmas is nigh

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Cm-12.15.11  Is. 54. 1-10  Ps. 30. 2, 4, 6=6  11-12A. 13B  ::Lk  7. 24-30

Cosmic connection:  rainy day  murk, electricity off and on

Question of the day: Who are your good messengers throughout your life, mentors and companions?

Our God comes with power,

The miracles take place, causing relief

The barren conceive; we brought to belief

Widen your tent let everyone in at every hour.


From the darkest dark, Lord, you have brought me Lord,

Your name I shall, shout praise with an ever so over spilling grateful heart,

You have been with me from the very  start,

In the night or darkness might weep over losses, but with dawn comes rejoicing singing a new song in one accord


Who did you go into the desert to see?

The messenger who prepares the way

A humble  shoeless man outdoor wild as we sit and pray,

Let us be of the people who listen, and bring others to believe.

Prepare the way of the Lord—make straight his paths,

That all might come to the water and receive a baptismal bath.

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