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Cm-5.28.12  1st Peter 1. 3-9  Ps. 111. 1-2, 5-6, 9, 10C   Mk. 10. 17-27

Cosmic connection: cold crisp early morning quiet after the storm of exuberance

Question of the day: What aspect of my life needs to become more holy by greater contact with God?


Peter points out a focus on Jesus giving us eternal hope in the resurrection,

Our inheritance through which we might endure some trials

Hard to conceive of after such a day of exuberant smiles,

As we pass through Pentecost let us begin with ever deepening reflection.


Since the goal of that is our faith and salvation,

The psalm leads us to thanksgiving, gratitude and praise as our satisfaction,

Whenever we gather to pray as a community of the just,

Those with ultimate compassion leading to direct action.


We are taught by Mark’s gospel about the rich man,

And how hard it is to sell all things and give to the poor,

Even in the simplicity of yesterday in all its grandeur,

The commandments: that which bonds us to the Lord, as our call to holiness demands.


Blessed be you Father of heaven and earth,

Who gives us glimpses of our heavenly worth                                   


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Poetry cm-5.27.12

CM—5.29.12  Acts. 2. 1-11  Ps. 104.1, 24, 29-30, 31, 34  1st Cor. 12. 3B-7, 12-13    Jn. 20. 19-23

Cosmic connection:  gray clearing skies, little birds,  cold and crisp

Question of the day: What gift do I claim and how am I using it for others’ benefit?


When the time was ripe for Pentecost nature spoke through wind,

Creating noise, destroying poise,

Words were tossed about like toys, and everyone understood

All seemed to be of the same kin.


They all needed renewing even all creation

For the focus of the day is to celebrate years of service,

Jubilee for 2012, they are even a bit nervous,

So many years of the faithfulness of the Lord and friend’s admiration.


We can say Jesus is Lord when the Holy Spirit so inspires,

Peace Jesus gives and then He gifts by breathing,

Our lives graced until we are complete, daily weaving,

Our desire to please God,  a graced beacon to spur action to sing as heavenly choirs.


Holy Spirit fill our hearts,

Le us be redy to spread love and forgiveness to impart.





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Cm-5.24.12  Acts 22. 30; 23. 6-10   Ps. 16. 1-2A, 6,7-8, 9-10, 11  Jn. 17. 20-26

Cosmic connection:  early crisp morn bird sounds

Question of the day:  How do I contribute to the unity suggested by Jesus at this time?


The Trinity is primarily a unity of the bond of love between aspects of God,

Paul is paraded before the court of his time,

Confronted by persecutors anything but sublime,

Before such a mystery,- all in humility I bow quite awed,


God’s unity of persons: Spirit Father and Son,

In the psalm our refuge, nightly instructor, peacemaker, abiding presence

Bond of refuge and love of coalescence,

Song of love, glory, bringing us to rejoice in confidence for the gift of salvation.


The Spirit through Jesus pleads with us to so also to live in unity,

To give witness even in Rome! Good grief!

The Spirit wishes us to put away self and draw others to belief

For what kind of example are we setting in the Christian community?


We are to live in unity that we might believe in the One who sent the Son.

For it in faith in Jesus which leads us to the Father our hearts won.






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Cm- 5.22.12  Acts  20 ,17-27  Ps. 68. 10-11, 20-21  Jn  17. 3-11A

Cosmic connection:  Foggy early morning burning off to sunshine.

Question of the day: How has my knowledge of Jesus grown in this season?


The father-Creator gives rain to nurture the earth

Restoring the land and is people providing for the needy,

Giving us the Son to intercede,,

The Lord who bears our burdens gives us as clue to live day by day rebirth.


Paul does a bit of boasting,

Realizes that there will be imprisonments and hardships,

But He sees in them the purpose of  his being God’s craftsman,ship

He does  not shrink from  proclaiming the Good News glorifying the One we are toasting.


Jesus asks the Father to glorify Him in otfrt that He might glorify the Father,

To glorify: to offer honor praise and admiration,

As if an unending singing of an acclamation,

Jesus give those who are His to the Father, who calls and Baptizes as grace is proffered.

The Advocate soon to be sent,

Will be with us always in every event.



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Cm-5.20.12  Acts  11.1-11  Ps. 47, 2-3, 6—7, 8-9  Eph, 4-1-13  Mk 15.15-20

Cosmic connection: beautiful blue sky day

Question of the day: ”How can I give witness to the Good News of Jesus’ abiding presence with us today?



The Father has always been on his throne on the seventh day He rested,

Now He calls his Son to be with Him enthroned on his right.

With shouts of joy and gladness gloriously bright,

We earthlings sing praise, upwardly gaze delight invested


The Holy Spirit we never hear of an enthroning,

If we imagine the three as one how are they pictured?

Only as One and each individual’s fiction,

For they are but Holy Mystery to be lived in unconditional love never really fully known.


The Son tells us to not just ro look heavenward above,

But to be Good News Spreaders,

People of the Word and action knowing God is always present, our life’s threader,

He shall return as He left Hes presence remaining and abiding with us as we love.


God will not leave us orphans like a young animal without a mother,

For yet to come is the Spirit, our Advocate as none other.


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CM-5.13.12  Acts  19. 25-26, 34-35, 44-45  Ps. 96. 1, 2-3, 3-4  1st Jn 4. 7-10  Jn. 15.9-18-17

Cosmic connection:  early morning slight fog to clear to a blue sky day

Question of the day:  Who has tught you to love as Jesus did?


Today on a day of beauty in which to remember the good qualities of our moms,

Let us ruminate on what it means to   love,

Not human love. But more the quality of the love from above,

O course, we start with the love of the Father sending his Son, with aplomb.


Secondly, we remember the Son who saved us from our sins,

Expiating us from all wrong-doing,

Loving us as no one has ever loved us by grace renewing,

Teaching us today to love others as He has loved us making a place to dwell deeply within.


First God called us by an act of love—baptism washing

Then there begins a dance to antiphonal phrases remain in me and I in you,

Then our love deepens without a stew,

Follow me love as I love, the icing on the cake frosting.


Living in the vine, abiding engrafted

Grateful for all that God has crafted.

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Cm- 5/8/12  Acts 15. 1-6  Ps. 122..1-2, 3-4AB, 4CD-5  Jn. 15. 1-8

Cosmic connection:   clear blue skies o be a nice wrm day.

Question of the day:   How has God used Lent and Easter to help me to grow?


Paul and Barnabas are in the thick of it once again,

The question is one of circumcision, should new converts have to follow the old Jewish law?

Would the relationship between the Jews and the new converts thaw?

Could they accept one another be inclusive now and then.


Let us always enter the house of the Lord rejoicing,

Such a beautiful place to be.

To be at the motherhouse where sisters return, our Jerusalem to see.

Praying together our praise and thanksgiving voicing.


Again we reflect on the vine, vine grower, pruning, and bearing fruit.

We are to remain in the Lord, by following the word,

Being authentic in word and deed undeterred,

Our gifts to be pruned to bear more , to be more deeply en-grafted into our root.


Abide in me, and I in you

Remaining in the Lord, our life daily renewed.



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