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poetry cm-2.28.11

Cm-2.28.11 Sir. 17. 20-24 Ps. 32, 1-2, 5, 6, 7 Mk. 10. 17-27

Cosmic connection: dark, cold, clear starry sky, no moon. Freezing.

Sirach admonishes us to stand firm in the way set before us,

We only have this life in which to offer the Lord praise,

Those who have gone before us have finished their days,

We who have valued life shall glorify god especially for his mercies set before us.

Happy are we, whose faults are forgiven,

Do away from deception

At every dawn, be full of guile since the day’s inception,

Without the gift of mercy we would be stressfully riven.

A man wants to know what to do to inherit eternal life,

Follow the commandments, sell all possessions, come and follow me,

Possessions can tie you down, come and be free of any debris,

Live peacefully at your center, quell any strife.

Jesus for our sake became poor,

That he might grace us with the avenue to eternal life to be assured.



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poetry cm-2.22.11

Cm-2.22.11 1st Peter 5. 1-4 Ps. 23. 1-3A, 4, 5, 6 Mt. 16. 13-19

Cosmic connection: clear brilliant light blue sky quiet

Tend the flock in your midst,

Be gentle, not forcibly, content taking stock

As a shepherd an example to the flock

Rejoice in the fact that you still exist.

The Lord as shepherd brings us to loving, living streams,

Filled with the Spirit lavishly slatheringly gracing every move.

Like butter on a muffin, oozing in the nooks and crannies in a groove,

Let us dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come living our dreams.

Jesus and Peter name each other:

Peter calls Jesus the Christ,

Jesus calls Peter a rock upon which to build a church, foundation, for all time to suffice.

Loose forgiveness upon the earth, rains storms of mercy upon one to another.

The gates of the netherworld will never prevail,

Peter and those who follow will we trust in every detail.

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poetry cm-2.19.11

Cm-2.18.11 Heb. 11. 1-7 Ps. 145.2-3, 4-5, 10-11 Mk. 9. 2-13

Cosmic connection: dark, Cold damp, convent feral cat.

Auspicious readings to say the leastFaith praise and listen to Him,

Gives ideas brilliant dazzling anything but dim,

As the Spirit inspires in the early morning to release.

Faith from my experience is pure gift,

Nourishes me daily with each morning’s dawn,

Awakening to God’s voice within before my coffee and the night’s last yawn,

Without seeing I hope, with an upright focus not adrift.

In Mark’s Transfiguration we go up the mountain with Peter James and John,

We see the dazzling light and hear a voice from above, ”My beloved Son, Listen,

Then the passion prediction, always never far away from every Christian,

Jesus is a door to a great temple found within every soul, vast, take time then to center and find Him within good actions to spawn.

I call you friends, because I share,-

All that my Father has shared to show we care.

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Poetry 2.18.11

CM-2.18.11 Gen. 11.1-9 Ps. 33. 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 Mk. 8, 34-9.1

Cosmic connection: dark, damp, cold good day to nestle in.

Human beings try to build themselves up

Be master and mistress of everything,

So they built themselves a tower so mighty, quite a tall thing,

Competition no unity or equality Just a holy meal to which to come and sup.

The plan of the Lord forever stands,

The design of His heart through all generations,

Let us cooperate, pick up our cross and carry on despite frustrations,

The Lord looks down from heaven so to all in your family, just try to live by His plan.

There is no price for life,

It is all gift and grace,

Even though we keep trying to stretch the pace,

Be not ashamed of Jesus, be faith filled without strife.

Each day is a new day to begin again,

Pick up your cross, enjoy life, the simple things apprehend, be a friend.


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Poetry cm-2.17.11

Cm-2.17.11 Gen 9.1-13 Ps. 102. 16-18, 19-21, 29, 22-23 Mk. 8. 27-33

Cosmic connection: Damp gray light rain skies third storm coming in

A momentous day Scripturally, God makes a covenant with humankind

And God gives us a sign of that a rainbow in the skies made from each drop of rain becoming a prism.

Gathering colors to be projected across the sky. Living in peace and serenity without schism,

Never again shall all bodily creatures be destroyed

From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth,

Where do we seek to see this Lord’s glory?

If not in appreciation of this Genesis story.

In praise and gratitude for our own birth.

Jesus seems to seek validation.

Who do you say that I am?

Peter dared to say,” You are the Christ.” without any spam.

Then Jesus uses ESP to rebuke Peter the end of their conversation.

We are asked to answer the same question, with our life

Will our answer suffice?



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Poetry cm-2.14.11

Cm-2.14.11 Gen 4. 1-15, 25 Ps. Ps, 50.1 &8, 16BC-17. 20-21 Mk. 8. 11-13

Cosmic connection: overcast rain laden skies, windy

Adam and Eve have relations and conceive,

Two boys Cain and Abel, one a tiller of the soil the other a keeper of flocks,

The time came for them to make an offering to the Lord Cain grew jealous and killed Abel to outfox,

The lord banished him to become a restless wanderer, avoiding the Lord’s presence with no reprieve

The Gospel is short but not too sweet,

The Pharisees are seeking a sign from Jesus in order to put him to the test

Jesus is tired of them and sighs from his heart; no sign will be given to this generation at best,

Then he left them, going in a boat and went off to the other shore the Lord’s main street.

I will correct you by drawing them up before your very eyes,

Do you think I, the Lord, am deaf speaking ill of those you love?

Such things I tire of,

Enjoy doing what I have called you for no compromise.

Jesus, the Son is the One we follow every day,

The Way the truth and the life in the Word He has his say.



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Poetry cm-2.12.11

Cm-2.12.11 Gen. 3.0-24 Ps. 90.2, 3-4ABC. 5-6, 12-13 Mk. 8.1-10

Cosmic connection: beautiful blue skies with only a jet vapor trail seen.

Genesis tells us of humanity’s beginning.

It’s hard to imagine beyond our own existence let alone to the beginning of time,

Somehow the woman errs and causes men and women trouble from then on banished for their crime,

Giving us only mercy and trust, and it is only the first inning.

The New Testament gives us the intercessor the Savior Jesus, the Son,

He recognizes our thirst and hunger for God even when we don’t,

He feeds the crowds until satisfied; how can we care for others without God’s help we won’t,

Of course there is the Spirit who will urge us on to new actions just begun.

We do not live on bread alone;

But on the Word of God, our hearts to hone.


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