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Poetry cm-5.28.11

Cm-5.28.11 Acts 16. 22-31 Ps. 57. 8-9, 10, 12 Jn. 15. 12-17

Cosmic connection: Gray threatening skies cool, fresh– birds.

Let’s join in the song of nature,

God paints with His brilliant palette of spring colors

God’s glory within the human fully alive even in discolors,

What is dawning where shall we look, what do we figure,

Paul has a vision where He is asked to go where people need his aide

He certainly traveled,

A great Christian example that seldom unraveled,

Then we shall find a place where colors never fade.

Persecution comes from those who do not know the son’s Father,

Still ours is to love when our hearts swell

Then we are doing well,

Lay down your life for your friends; come to know Jesus; then comes our kinship with the Father.

Seek the things that are above,

Do every thing out of love.




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Poetry cm-5.27.11

Cm-5.27.11 Acts 15. 22-31 Ps. 57. 8-9, 10, 12 Jn. 15.12-17

Cosmic connection: grey spotty overcast pink ridged clouds, birds, roses painted with colors from God’s palette.

The Church in full agreement decide to send to the gentiles representatives,

Along with Paul and Barnabus who have dedicated their lives to the name,

We agree through the Holy Spirit not to put you under any burden all the same,

Barsabbas and Silas their support and guidance to supplement.

A preparation day to celebrate and give thanks to over twenty sisters arriving,

To celebrate years of service a Jubilee due to God’s daily grace; thousands of years of service

Each of them churning with excitement and nervous,

Thinking of the thank-you to write and the day surviving.

Gospel telling is Jesus telling us to love one another,

We are not slaves but friends,

We are chosen to bear fruit, until our life ends,

By loving family and friends and strangers and many others.

I have made know to you everything the Father has told me,

Friend I call you bear fruit, loosen your hold on me.




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Poetry cm-5.27.11

Cm-5.26.11 Acts 15. 7-21 Ps. 96. 1-2A, 2B-3, 10 Jn. 15. 9-11

Cosmic connection: gray cool skies, birds pink dawn

The debate with Paul and the Apostles continues

Paul doesn’t see why the Gentiles should take on a yoke which Jews cannot maintain

He quotes the prophets and lays upon them other mosaic practices to ascertain.

They await the Holy Spirit to solve the debate to find out what to do.

Sing to the Lord a new song proclaim marvelous deeds,

To wake up in the morning to the consciousness of being God’s child,

Confident that grace shall come nothing need be self-styled,

The world is made firm predictions fade, our fulfilled significant needs.

This love we celebrate, Son for Father, Father for Son deep within serenity and peace,

Rewarded when one takes the time to center and believe,

Faith and trust, surrender a must frustrations cease in perceived relief,

Remain in the Lord’s love, keep the commandments, until life is complete.

My sheep hear my voice,

Beckoning leading us to the correct choice.

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Poetry cm-5.25.11

Cm–5.25.11 Acts 15.1-6 Ps. 122.1-2, 3-4AB, 4CD-5 Jn. 15. 1-8

Cosmic connection: birds: blue skies pink dawn a coming, high clouds.

Again the life of the early church continues,

Now they are wondering if the new converts have to follow the old law

Of circumcision, they decided to debate the point as the last straw,

They sought to collaborate coming together to seek what to do.

Going to the house of the Lord we rejoice,

Seeking a compact unity to agree

On our journey all are but humble trainees,

Seeking a unity where all tribes shall go up, peace and love voicing.

The Gospel entreats us to remain growing,

With a secure abiding attachment to the vine,

Pruned yet giving fruit, the fruit of the divine,

Allowing the Spirit to flow and overflow.

Remain in me as I remain in you, goodness and holiness your pursuit,

Then you shall bear much fruit.





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Poetry cm-5.24.11

Cm-5.24.11 Acts 14. 19-28 Ps. 145. 19-11, 12-13AB, 21 Jn. 14. 28-31A

Cosmic connection: gray skies to burn off to a gorgeous day. Tweeters a-chirppin’

Paul and Barnabus were captured be the Jews,

They stoned Paul thinking him dead,

He got up from the stoning and continued proclaiming instead,

Town after town the won over many disciples forming new crews.

Gratitude and praise should fill our days,

Wondrous deeds and Jesus intercedes,

Doing things out of love, the commandments plead,

Let us put aside our doomsday warnings and abandon those ways.

Peace is the Lord’s gift, do not be afraid,

Jesus foretells his going away, his leaving,

O course this loss will affect their grieving,

But challenges come, Murphy’s law, rain on our parade.

Christ had to suffer, what a mystery,

That He might enter into his glory.



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Cm-5.22.11 Acts 6. 1-7 Ps. 33. 1-2, 4-5, 18-19 1st Peter 2. 4-9 Jn. 14. 1-12

Cosmic connection Clear cool half moon predawn sky

Some of the Scriptures of this week are repeated,

As if we didn’t get it the first time.

Devote yourself to the care of others and the ministry of the Word so sublime,

Choose those filled with the Holy Spirit daily come to the fountain to be filled replete.

The wondrous deeds of the Lord Just to give us a new day so discreet,

Sometimes we are not aware and take so many things for granted,

Rather than be attentive smell the roses the words of the psalms daily chanted,

Reading the paper to see how humans regale in the ability to mistreat.

Teresa of Avila uses this Gospel the Way, the truth and the life to explain prayer,

She sees that the Lord has made each of us our own dwelling place,

Our task is to seek to remain there, the Way, for all eternity, the life, ourselves to efface, the truth,

Then our lives will grow in compassion and of others intimate care.

All the ends of the world have seen the salvation by our God,

Let us spread the Word as oleo on bread, or corn kernels seeding for a new harvest as the Lord gives his nod.


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Poetry cm-5.21.11

Cm-5.21.11 Acts 13.44-52 Ps. 98. 1, 2-3AB, 3CD-4 Jn. 14. 7-15

Cosmic connection: gray overcast turning to blue skies and transient clouds

The Jews are scolded for not believing Paul and Barnabus’ preaching,

They are determined to continue to spread the Word so they turn to the Gentiles,

This angers the Jews who want to get rid of them like a projectile,

The word spread and even many priests were obedient to the faith‘s teaching.

Always, O Lord, we seek you love and mercy,

For in you we trust, deeply until we are gone,

Praise and thanks are fitting as we daily meet the dawn,

Another end of the world prediction bites the dust; we burst forth in gramercy.

I have been with you dwelling so long and you do not know me yet?

I am in the Father and the Father is in me and we are one,

The Father who dwells in me doing his works yet to be done,

Ask then in my name and do greater things your appetite to whet.

Remain, abide and dwell with me

Then you shall know the truth, intimacy with God we shall not flee.



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