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Cm-3.7.13  Jer. 7. 23-28  P[s. 95. 1-2, 6-7, 8-9  Lk. 11. 14-23

Cosmic connection: cool clear blue sky day quiet, still

Question of the day: Into what situation is Jesus asking me to bring unity and peace?

Listen, my people listen

What is involved in such listening?

As when we witness a christening,

All dressed up our shoes a-glistening

It must have something to do with our hearts,

Opening wide as if a vibrant rose,

Never hard but always accepting, I suppose,

Seeking energy for action grace to impart.

Jesus is dealing with demons this day,

He is criticized, the people are amazed,

They think His power is from Beelzebub a devil when His power should be praised.

How does the Lord want us to continue to keep the Word central to our lives in every way.

Let us do everything whole-heartedly

Returning to the Lord with enthusiasm a head start.


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