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Cm-3.10.13  1st Sam.16. 1B,6-7,10-13A  Ps. 23. 1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6  Eph. 5. 8-14  Jn. 1-41

Cosmic connection: sky blue brilliant day, trying to overcome daylight savings bird song

Question of the day: From what blindness have I been healed?

Such a gorgeous day to sing with the birds their song of praise,

A king is chosen from a large family, a shepherd boy.

From that day on the spirit rushed upon him the Lord’s ploy.

Near verdant pastures he was lead with his soul refreshed.

Only light not darkness is where we wish to be expressed

Everything that is visible is in the light the light of Christ.

What an affliction! To be born blind,

What darkness! Parents blamed for their sins, although kind,

But it is so that the power, compassion of God might be shown an

Joy comes because He made mud cakes and then told me to wash, well timed.

‘Jesus is the light of the world’

Following Him makes us become in the light of the Spirit swirled


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